Ear Cleaning Range

Proven to clean your pet’s ears and target the specific cause

Backed by experts, trusted by owners

Our specially formulated products are proven to clean your pet’s ears and target the specific cause of their problem. They’re easy to administer, and offer fantastic results.

Why clean your pet’s ears?

Cleaning your pet’s ears is an effective way of maintaining and managing ear-related health problems.

If your pet’s ears are left unmanaged, there may be a build-up of excess wax – this can cause problems and lead to pre-existing ear conditions flaring up.

Vets recommend regular ear-cleaning as part of any pet’s preventative healthcare routine, but especially if your pet is predisposed to ear problems. I.e. dogs with long ears, such as Spaniels, are more likely to develop ear conditions than others.

Did you know?

Skin and ear disease account for around 20% of all cases seen by first opinion vets. What affects a dog or cat’s ear health? Common factors include swimming, the shape of the ear canal and ear flap, plus the amount of fur in the ear. To keep your pet happy and healthy, aim to check their ears once a week and contact your vet right away if you’re concerned.

Signs of ear problems include:

  • Regular scratching of the ears
  • Frequent shaking of the head
  • A nasty smell coming from the ear
  • Visible redness or sores